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  • Atmos Marlyn – VTOL Drone Solution

    Atmos is a technically advanced geospatial scale up, backed by a young team of innovative and dedicated problem solvers — based in Leiden, the Netherlands.

    Marlyn changes the game for land surveyors delivering operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased safety. With the PPK; accuracies down to 1cm [0.4in] are easily achieved with fewer to no ground control points.

    Atmos Marlyn–VTOL Drone Solution - Survey drones


    • Tailsitter Design
    • Operate From Any 2x2m Area
    • Fly in the Toughest Winds, up to 45km/h
    • Capture Data Down to 1cm Accuracy
    • Atmos Autopilot
    • Quick Swap Payloads


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