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  • ATB series Auto Level

    The Topcon AT-B Series Automatic Level has been upgraded to present a smaller lightweight design while still enhancing the features of the unit. It enables surveyors and construction professionals to perform highly accurate leveling, angle, height, and distance measurements. Offering a minimum focus range of up to one feet, this auto level also has a leveling accuracy of up to ±1/16 inches making it a perfect choice for engineering and construction works.

    This Topcon auto level employs the same durable, fast and reliable compensator, only made compact for easier grasp. With an IPX6 rating, this survey instrument is protected against dust, water, and humidity.


    • Durable, Dependable, High Value Auto Levels
    • Accurate and Stable Automatic Compensation
    • Ultra-Short 20cm (7.9 in.) Focusing
    • All-Weather Dependability
    • Clampless, Endless Fine Horizontal Adjustments


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